Our Mission

Passionate about Healthcare Research

We believe each study is a partnership and our goal is to partner with our clients and build long-term relationships.

We believe in working closely with each client while offering personalized services, attention to detail and a timely delivery.

We believe we must go above and beyond traditional research and aim to exceed expectations every time.

We believe we must be accountable and must deliver high quality services.

Excel with OMR Globus

A new direction in Healthcare Research

With offices in Canada and the UK, OMR Globus offers a range of research techniques and consulting services to meet your individual requirements. We help full service agencies, consultants, boutique agencies, pharma and biotech companies in full service research, concept and study design, sampling, fieldwork, survey scripting and data processing using quantitative and qualitative standard and non-standard techniques. Using our proprietary healthcare panel we offer unparalleled services with access to a wide range of healthcare professionals, hospital and office based physicians, specialists, nurses, dentists, vets, pharmacists, payers and many other key roles.

Why you should choose OMR Globus for your healthcare research

  • A network of proprietary panels allowing us to conduct projects quickly and efficiently with own resources, no outsourcing.
  • Flexible pricing options whilst maintaining high quality, integrity & security.
  • Understanding nuances of culture, language and lifestyle - how it differs from market to market.
  • A wealth of experience and industry knowledge.
  • Strong relationships with our clients, partners, and our healthcare professional panel members.

OMR Globus At A Glance

We offer the full range of research techniques combined with consultancy by our experienced research team to provide actionable results for your business needs. Our research audiences include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, patients, caregivers, payors, KOLs, healthcare influencers and advocacy groups.

  • Healthcare Professional Research

    Our healthcare professional market research services are used to assess branding, customer value, customer satisfaction propositions, new product development, segmentation and market assessment.

  • Quantitative And Qualitative Panel Research

    OMR Globus conducts quantitative web-based healthcare professionals research and qualitative healthcare professionals research for in-depth interviews.

  • Full Service Research & Sample Only

    Using OMR Globus as a full service partner means we cover all operational procedures on your project, from scripting/programming towards sampling, gathering the data, performing data coding/processing and sending reports back to you.

  • Sample Only

    You can use our well maintained healthcare professional panel for your research project if you script and host your own surveys. Simply send us your survey link, embed our landing pages and you are good to start your data collection.

  • Survey Programming & Data Processing

    OMR Globus will script screeners (profiling surveys) or entire questionnaires for you and will provide you with raw or processed data exports.

  • Analytics & Reporting

    OMR Globus provides you with processed analytics in comprehensive, understandable and recognizable reports.

OMR Globus by numbers


20+ Countries


Canada, USA, United Kingdom
Spain, Germany, France, Italy


Netherlands, Scandinavia,
South America,
Middle East, Asia


1.2+ Million

Proprietary Healthcare Professionals
Panels Globally

130+ Thousand

Healthcare Professionals

200+ Thousand

Healthcare Professionals


1,100+ Projects

completed in 2018

30,000+ Completed

Interviews and Surveys in 2018

2,500+ Completed

Patient Charts in 2018

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