Research with the OMR Globus Healthcare Panel

Using the OMR Globus Healthcare in-house panel, we conduct fieldwork with a full range of healthcare professionals, including hospital and office based physicians, GPs, nurses, dentists, vets, pharmacists and many other key roles. Our geographic coverage focuses on Canada, the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain plus other selected countries in Europe.

OMR Globus - operating worldwide

Beyond the borders of traditional research

In addition to our core countries, we have built up a network of strategic partners covering Asia, the Far East and Latin America, in fact we can conduct fieldwork in most researchable countries around the world with proven success.

Whether it’s quantitative or qualitative, full service or sample only, OMR Globus can help make your healthcare research study a success.

Guaranteed Quality

Healthcare professional survey fraud is a growing issue in the medical market research community. Fraudulent panel members can skew the research of drug companies, potentially affecting millions of people. Our research has shown that fraudsters are getting more organised, often allowing them to pass industry standard HCP verification processes.
OMR Globus Healthcare Professionals Panel


At OMR Globus, we use the following process for everyone that joins the Healthcare Professional Panel:

  1. Upon registering for the OMR Globus Healthcare Professional panel, the new registrant receives an email to the address they have entered, they are asked to verify that email address by clicking on the link in the email. This process ensures the email they are using is actually registered to them. This takes care of the double-opt-in process that we use for all our panel members.
  2. The new registrant then receives an email from our panel manager, asking them to provide the following:
  • First and last name
  • Speciality and any sub-specialties
  • Documentation to prove that the healthcare professional is legitimate
  • Physician number
  • Email address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Address of the institution the HCP is working for
OMR Globus Healthcare Professionals Panel

Quality Control

At OMR Globus, we apply a 12 point scoring system for all our panel members, based on criteria such as:

  • Verification of medical certificate / phone or face to face verification
  • History of disqualification from previous studies
  • Regularly changing their medical specialities
  • IP address country not matching panel country
  • Rapid withdrawal of panel funds after release
  • SMS verification
  • Use of proxy IP addresses to falsify their country of residence
  • Browser language matches the language of their country of residence

This point system forms a certification index where the higher score represents a more authenticated healthcare professional.

Certification Index

OMR Globus Healthcare Professionals Panel

The Certification Index is a number from -6 to +6. Panel members with -6 are considered to be the most likely to be fraudulent, +6 the most authenticated. The index works by applying a series of tests to the panel member. The panel member score starts at zero. The positive tests add one to the score, the negative tests subtract one from the score.