What We Do

Healthcare Professional Research

Using the OMR Globus Healthcare in-house panel, we conduct fieldwork with a full range of healthcare professionals, including hospital and office based physicians, specialists, GPs, nurses, dentists, vets, pharmacists, admins and many other key roles. Our geographic coverage focuses on Canada, the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain plus other selected countries in Europe utilising our proprietary panels and in house capabilities. In addition to our core countries, we cover Asia, the Far East and LATAM through our smaller panels and in house capabilities utilising our network of strategic partners. In fact we have conducted fieldwork in most researchable countries around the world with proven success.

Our Techniques

Our teams work in close partnership with our clients to clarify their requirements to identify clear objectives and deliver clear, actionable insights.
We have a strong portfolio of quantitative and qualitative techniques to meet the market needs:

  • Omnibus
  • Message testing & optimisation
  • Campaign evaluation
  • Market landscaping & segmentation
  • Multichannel & digital consultancy
  • Online & f2f discussion groups
  • Online bulletin boards
  • Social media
  • Message & material development
  • KOL mapping
  • Advanced methods
  • Segmentation
  • KOL identification & clinical pathway mapping
  • Detail aid & ad testing with visual evaluation
  • Product portfolio tests
  • New product development
  • User & human factors research
  • Health economic outcome research
  • Payor & market access research
  • Custom tracking / U&A tracking
  • Ill-met & unmet needs
  • Image & message testing
  • Salesforce effectiveness & evaluation
  • Exploratory research

Tracking Studies

Tracking studies and patient chart studies to better inform business intelligence and decision making.

  • Our tracking studies are used to

    • Recall of marketing activity (reps, e-details, etc) and associated message recall.
    • Understand how marketing activity is being received by HCPs determine other factors influencing HCPs knowledge and awareness.
    • Assess the level of product differentiation vs competitors.
  • Types of tracking projects

    Full service or sample only, we conduct both quantitative fieldwork and qualitative recruiting on a global level.

  • Patient record studies

    • Capture actual patient treatment and prescribing.
    • Compliments knowledge around perceived clinical practice.
  • Tracking studies designed to address product planning cycle

    Tracking helps monitor the performance of the brand. Tracking compliments other data sources (sales, IMS etc) to determine whether a brand is on its way to meeting the objectives detailed in the brand plan.

Expert Communities & Sprint Surveys

  • Expert Communities

    Listening to your customers helps you stay ahead of your competitors, develop new products and services and 'tune in' to the ill-met and unmet needs of the healthcare industry. Recruiting and managing an expert community allows you to get real-time insight from key professionals in your selected area. It can help to develop and market new products, provide better user experience and engage your audience.

  • Sprint Surveys

    Short studies that take up to 5 minutes and results within 24-78 hours. Get online access to streaming, real-time results. Build a regular dialogue with end users. Enhance brand awareness and improve brand image. Single or multi-country studies across a wide range of respondents. Small or large sample sizes are possible.

OMR Globus Physician Omnibus

The OMR Globus Physician Omnibus is a monthly online questionnaire, made of multiple customer questions, checking 1,000 regionally representative healthcare specialists opinion in a cost effective controlled environment.

Why use the OMR Globus Omnibus?

  • Flexible Approach

    An Omnibus is a scalable multiple client buy-in survey OMR Globus carries out each month with a skilled team of experienced market researchers and operations staff. Taking part in our Omnibus study means you will be charged per question you add to the survey. It gives you the opportunity to track perceptions over time through commissioning multiple waves.

  • Quality of Sample

    All our panel members are validated on a regular basis to assure that all respondents are practicing doctors and legitimate healthcare professionals.

  • Speed of Fieldwork

    Taking part in the OMR Globus Physician Omnibus enables you to make business decisions within a timescale normally associated with 200 rather than 1000 giving a much stronger validation to decision making.