OMR Globus scripting survey for you

Professional and efficient survey scripting is a crucial component of a good market research plan. Surveys are great tools to help gauge the mood and mind-set of the target market, but it is important to have seasoned research programmers involved in survey scripting to ensure that the right questions are asked in the appropriate way during the survey research process.


OMR Globus scripting survey for you

It is amazing how a little creativity can make a positive impact on the effectiveness of a questionnaire. Our creative experts will script your questionnaires unique to your requirements. All scripting and programming is conducted in-house and we can program and host simple point-to-point surveys or complex multilingual questionnaires professionally and cost-effectively.


Survey Scripting

with the Q One Platform

OMR Globus uses the Q One Platform from Q One Tech to script surveys and manage your data collection projects. Q ONE is a powerful market research platform with seamless connection between research panels and collecting data.

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with the OMR Globus scripting team

MaxDiff, also known as maximum difference scaling and best-worst scaling, is a survey research technique for working out relative preferences. What do people like most? Second-most?
MaxDiff is an alternative to standard rating scale results that might lead you to believe everything is important. A MaxDiff study involves presenting a sample of respondents with a series of questions, in which each question contains a list of alternatives. The respondents are then asked which alternative they like the most (best) and which the least (worst). The list of alternatives changes from question to question. By forcing respondents to make choices between options, Max Diff delivers results that show the relative importance of the items being rated.

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